My clinical experience in Bone Marrow Transplant brilliantly demonstrated how much power there is in leveraging your own body’s blood components to treat cancer when other treatments have failed.  Over the past 24 years I was an eye witnesses to curing diseases which were never curable prior to advancements of blood and marrow transplantation.  
I am proud to offer a very safe and effective collagen boosting treatment using the client’s own blood components called Micro-needling SkinPen with Platelet Rich Plasma and Plasma Rich Fibrin.  

I offer traditional FDA approved aesthetic treatments with Neurotoxins (Botox/Dysport); Dermal fillers (Restylane/Juvederm) as well as.  I believe that a wholistic approach of collagen induction therapy together with Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers will produce excellent outcomes.  Everything I offer at Art of Eternal Beauty Med Spa I have personally experienced on my own face and body and can speak to it’s efficacy.  I am attentive, meticulous and a true perfectionist. 
I have been married to my number one fan and coach who has been pushing me outside of my comfort zone of the past 20 years thereby helping me to become the best version of myself.  I am a mother to four daughters on earth and one son in heaven who lives forever in my heart.  Our adopted cat and dog have been perfect additions to our busy household.  I enjoy artisan bread baking, riding my Peloton, morning coffee; mindfulness exercise with hubby, playing guitar; piano but my favorite time of day is bedtime story reading; prayer with my girls. 
I look forward to guiding you along on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.