PRF/PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

At Art of Eternal Beauty, we offer an all-natural, minimally invasive and affordable treatment option for hair loss using healing components of your own blood to regenerate the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

What types of hair loss can PRF treat?


Both male and female patients suffering from hair loss and baldness (androgenic alopecia) have been clinically proven to benefit from PRF injections.

PRF is safe for most healthy adults because PRF is 100% natural. In the early stages of hair loss, PRF is highly effective for both men and women.

Pregnant and postpartum women suffering from telogen effluvium (hair loss resulting from pregnancy), post-Covid hair loss as well as those with traction alopecia (hair thinning caused by pulled hairstyles) are seeing great results with PRF.

Patients taking blood thinners or who have a blood clotting disease, collagen vascular disease, an active infection, or immunosuppression disorders are not candidates for PRF injections.

What is the PRF hair loss treatment procedure?


Clinical-grade numbing cream is applied to a patient’s scalp. We also have nitrous gas to add to your comfort level.

The patient’s own blood is drawn just like a blood test at a clinic. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge to separate out the PRF (“Platelet Rich Fibrin”). The PRF is then isolated and re-injected back into the patient’s own scalp in the areas of hair loss as well as surrounding areas.

The platelets and fibrin start to clump and form a clot at the level of the hair follicles.  The stem cells, mesenchymal cells, and leukocytes become stuck in the clot.  This makes it possible to release the growth factors slowly.  The growth factors and mesenchymal cells then go to work repairing the dormant hair follicles on a cellular level. This 100% naturally triggers hair regrowth and increases the strength and thickness of the new individual hair shafts being produced.

AnteAGE Hair Solution can also be used during this treatment as a great addition to the PRF.  It incorporates recent advances in hair follicle science.  Specialized techniques influence bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell cultures to produce conditioned media focused on hair growth (Wnt-1a pathway) while twelve bio-identical growth factors and cytokines, each with proven efficacy in hair follicle stimulation, are added to make this the most scientifically advanced product of its type.


How many PRF hair loss treatments are needed?


Response to PRF treatment is dependant upon the degree of hair loss and will vary from person to person.  But you get better the results the sooner PRF is started after hair loss begins because the follicles are still alive. Four PRF treatments spaced about a month apart are usually recommended for a typical hair loss patient. This is then generally followed by quarterly treatments to maintain the results for the first year. After a year, the PRF treatment frequency can be reduced to one or two treatments per year, based on the specific hair regrowth of the patient and response to treatment.


Is PRF hair loss treatment safe?


It is 100% natural and has no additives.  There is no risk of allergic reaction and very little risk of infection or complication because PRF is extracted from the patient’s own blood.


Why is PRF hair loss treatment better than PRP?


PRF is the upgraded version of PRP. PRF contains greater concentrations of growth factors than PRP. PRF serum also contains stem cells, white blood cells (leucocytes) and fibrin – which PRP does not have.

The stem cells in the PRF are “undifferentiated baby cells” cells that grow into whatever adult cells they are told to grow into by the body.  If PRF is injected into a joint, the stem cells grow into bone cartilage present in the joint for example. In the case of hair loss, the stem cells are injected into scalp.  The cells needed to repair the hair follicles, so they can begin to produce thick, healthy hair shafts again.

The fibrin and activated platelets in PRF act as the glue to keep the growth factors and stem cells in the area of the scalp being treated, so they stay at the level of the follicles, exactly where they needed. This allows for release of more growth factors, for a longer period of time to stimulate follicle repair and hair growth.


When will I see results from PRF hair loss treatment?


Within one month most patients will see a decrease in new hair loss, shedding or thinning. It takes 4-5 months for new hair growth to become becomes visible.