Wrinkle Relaxants and Prevention



Medications which reduces the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the muscle under the wrinkle are called neuromodulators. At Art of Eternal Beauty we use only FDA approved medications such as Botox and Dysport. Treatment with this medication helps with preventing and treating wrinkles, lift eye brows and slim the lower face.



  • FDA approved Neuromodulators are considered the gold standard for erasing facial fine lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement. 
  • The treatments are quick and practically painless. Downtime is almost nonexistent.
  • I am very conservative when choosing the right does for you. Your face will still look natural but with less wrinkles.




  • Results from the treatment aren’t permanent. You’ll most likely need to return every 4-6 months for a top-up.
  • Bruising can sometimes occur at the injection site and can last up to a week. 
  • If you’re injected improperly, you could see asymmetrical results such as a droopy eyelid or corner of the mouth. Seeing an injector who isn’t experienced, licensed, or using a version of botulinum toxin that hasn’t been purified or approved for human use could mean risking a medical emergency. I use only FDA approved products and have 23 years of nursing experience.
  • If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering getting pregnant soon, this treatment not for you, since the drug hasn’t been tested in those cases. 


The process starts with a consultation, in which we discuss your concerns and goals and take a full medical background and history to ensure that the injectable is safe for you.  

Photographs will also be taken so you’re able to see the changes from your treatment. Then your face is cleansed, then I inject the areas of concern. 

It is definitely a lunchtime procedure; it usually takes about 15 minutes. You can pop out to have your treatment done, then go about your day.



Botox $11/unit
Dysport $5/unit


Typical cost of treatment:
Forehead and between the brows: $300-350
Crow’s feet: $150-200
Facial slimming in the lower face: $400-500
Frown lines on the lower face: $40-100


**Final price is discussed during consultaion**